The days have been long as we are all locked up in our homes. We peek into each others world with social media letting us know we are all okay. As the time goes on we are drawn into the daily news, crushing, frightening, and we live in fear. This is not the world we have known. With all that we have in our heart we pursue the things we like, most limiting from the inside of our homes. Boxed into a world of only walls and no open space, we slip into the self-piety of our plight. We imagine our days of freedom, driving in our cars, a day at the shore, maybe the mall, or a nice restaurant. Longing for the hug and comfort of our family members, who we keep close to our heart and prayers. The tears we hold back with every new statistic shared of a time we cannot compute in our minds. We are scared, and I am scared for tomorrow. Right now the sun is dim.

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