Morning Fog

It was early morning as I was about to start my journey, but as I traveled the fog was becoming thicker to the point I could not see anything in front of me. I made the decision to turn around and go home to get my camera equipment. I had been fascinated by the trees, and the silhouette of shapes against the fog covered background. As I had arrived at my destination, the fog was heavy and dew drops were forming on my windshield. I got out and took a few shots. It was an alone feeling as I parked my car, and no one else in sight. Yet I felt the need calling me to explore what was around me. I did a little vlogging for a group I run, talking about the surroundings and the textures of the overgrowth which makes the Great Swamp Refuge so unique. Here are a few images I captured with my Nikon D810.

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