Creative Moment

Peaceful View

It is a day where I am anxious to replace my familiar view out of my window and with impatience I can’t wait to start my journey.  As a passenger I keep seeing places I want to photograph, almost to the point of jumping out of the car.  Still I remain silent taking mental notes of all the places I will one day revisit.  It seemed for a while the journey was proving uneventful, but in time my excitement started to flow as the beauty around me started to awaken my senses.  When I stepped out of the car I couldn’t wait to use my cameras, which one I was not sure, full frame dslr or mirrorless.  I decided to use both, each bringing something to my view.  Finally after traveling down some very bumpy roads, we reached the place of peace.  I stood in awe of the beauty in front of me.  Slowly I grabbed my gear, and pushed through some branches and brush below my feet.  Finally settling down on a large rock, studying the view and snapping away at each angle.  Keeping focused on the projects in the back of my mind, looking at it as a whole and then in sections.  The light was beautiful and created soft reflections upon the water, and yet the shadows were sharp to the eye.  I was satisfied and felt renewed in my visions. 

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